Sunday, July 20, 2014

A Freebie from Deedee's Digis - Get it by July 24th!

Hello friends and happy weekend! I hope you are all doing well.
I have a new "sidekick" in my life for the next few weeks.'s a splint!
I slammed my thumb in my car door on Wednesday and fractured the tip of my thumb.
And OH MY GOSH did that ever hurt!! I can honestly say that there are few other times I have felt that kind of pain.  Sadly this has put a tremendous crimp on my crafting abilities (and a whole lot of other things). I'll be wearing this lovely accessory for about a month - big bummer!  But like every challenge, I'm already figuring out ways to adapt. Like wearing pull on clothes and slip on shoes (very humbling to ask someone to help you tie your shoes).  And using pre-colored digital images - like this awesome one that is part of a set that is being offered for FREE (limited time offer - see details below)
 by Deedee at Deedee's Digis

Deedee had a crazy week and was very glad it was Friday
Boy do I know how that goes :o)
So she decided to offer this great digital set for FREE - Just because!
How wonderful is that?

Here's the sweet set you can get for FREE:
 "Triple Scoop" will be available to download for free at Deedee'shop 
thru the end of the day Thursday, July 24.

Here's my card using the pre-colored images for my card today - take a look:
 and here's the inside

I know you're gonna want this awesome digital set, but remember it's a limited time offer so don't wait to go out and get it.  I'm going to have some ice cream tonight
to soothe my sore thumb :o)

Thanks so much for stopping by to visit me today. Til next time...hugs and happy crafting! D


  1. Ouch!!! Poor you! Is the splint cover something you could customize? Maybe you could start a whole new trend. I hope the ice cream did the job!

  2. Oh no, Danielle. You poor bugger! That would have been so painful but you can't keep a good crafter down ;) Great idea to use the adorably pre-coloured image. Love the end result xx

  3. Ouch, that must hurt. Managing without one thumb isn't that easy either...
    What a cute card you made with this free set. I really like the inside too, it could actually work as the front of a CAS card as well.

  4. Ouch! That thumb must be so painful - and how frustrating that you can't use it! But you've done a terrific job on the card, and that is one cute Octopus! Also - ice cream makes everything better! I hope you are on the mend really soon!

    love Mags B x


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