Sunday, February 10, 2013

Liebster Award Nomination

Wow - what a wonderful surprise to pop into Kylie's blog - Kylie is Addicted to Stamps (and now butterflies) and see that she has given my blog the Liebster Award. Thanks Kylie - you are so sweet!
ABOUT THE AWARD - this award was designed to be a blog award in the pay it forward fashion. Once you've been nominated you in turn award it to blogs that you like to visit that have fewer than 200 followers.  This is to encourage new visitors to visit these blogs - isn't this a fabulous idea?!
RULES FOR ACCEPTANCE - you must thank the person who gave you the award and link back to their blog. Post the award on your blog. Give the award to 5 bloggers who you appreciate that have less than 200 followers.  Leave a comment on their blog letting them know that you have given them this awesome award.
PAY IT FORWARD - Listed below are five blogs that I think you should visit:
I met Ruth through our design team membership for 52 {Christmas} Card Throwdown. Not only are Ruth's cards amazing on the front, she also decorates the inside each time and most times the envelope as well. She has inspired me to finish the insides of my cards now too :o)
Ger and I are on the design team for a new challenge called 'ABC' Challenges. ABC stands for Always Beautiful Cards and Ger's are definitely beautiful.
Rosie is also one of my fellow design team members for 'ABC' Challenges. Rosie has such a sweet style that I really admire and she likes to use her markers like I do. 
Rocky is a frequent player at the 52CCT Challenge.  I always look forward to seeing what she will come up with as she has great style.
 Chrissy - Chrissyxx
I stumbled across Chrissy's blog a few months after I finally decided to start my own.  I was also just a stamp gal until I saw Chrissy fabuolous work.  My digital library was started and has grown in large part thanks to Chrissy and all the fabulous cards she makes with digis that truly inspire me. 

Please go visit these wonderful ladies and their blogs - you will be glad that you did. Thanks again Kylie for this great award - I'm so honored! 



  1. Congrats Danielle, I have been enjoying your 52CCT cards but am signing up now so I can enjoy more. I just found out I got nominated!

  2. Thank you sooo much for this award x
    Very much appreciated.

  3. Thank you Danielle, I really do appreciate it. So glad to see Ruth and Chrissy nominated too.


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