Saturday, March 24, 2012

Cupcake Card - Version 2

Hello friends! Just a little fun for you today.  I told you that I would be sharing the other card I made for the Colour Q and Freshly Made Sketches challenges that I decided not to use.  Take a peek at the one I entered for CQC129 and FMS27 on Friday and see if you can "spot" the differences between these two cards.  Can you?

Well, this one has less layering of the colors, a differently textured background, and a simpler (cleaner) design (no confetti).  I was bummed though because my glue set too fast and my sentiment circle had to get a little squished on the bottom - but its still okay.  Which one you like best will really depend on your personal style.  For me that can vary - sometimes I'm in the mood for the really quick and simple card which means less layering (or how many nights I have already stayed up late "playing" in my craft room).  No right or wrong - just different :o)  My daughter likes this version best.      

I'm so glad you stopped by to visit - now go make something fun!  Happy weekend to you!  

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